Thursday, February 17, 2011


Torrid is having a huge clearance sell ,from 4.99 up I managed to snag a few of the things I've been eying .I think the sale is going until Mon (don't quote me).Oh yes and here are the items I bought.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I FEEL LOVE IN THE AIR..............................

Valentines Day is slowly approaching and Ive been dropping hints to my husband on the things that I want .I usually get tons of gifts because my anniversary is at the end of January ,and we just wait until then to celebrate.I usually want money or diamonds but not this year .Here are my top picks.Hope you guys like them.

"Hello dolls "! I know its been forever .I promised that I would show you guys all of my holiday outfits and recent purchases but guess what ? There all deleted from my camera and computer so all I could find was my New Years Eve outfit (SORRY THAT THE QUALITY SUCKS) . I wont let this rain on my parade ,so cheers to the new year ,blogging and Fashion.......XOXO Ms.Vanity Plus